Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

March 2005
ZEN Holdings Co., Ltd.

"We, ZEN Holdings, aim for social contributions as a living support company that provides a comfortable living space, revives spiritual culture that is being lost, and cherishes people's belief that the path of righteousness has the highest priority, through all businesses regarding housing. We are taking the following measures based on our view that appropriately protecting customers' valuable privacy and personal information (hereinafter referred to as ""personal information"") is our social responsibility."

ZEN Holdings Privacy Policy

1. (Compliance with Laws and Regulations)
We shall comply with Personal Information Protection Act that specifies the handling of customers' personal information, other related laws and regulations, and guidelines.
2. (In-House Education/System)
We shall provide our employees with education and enlightenment, including educational training to our officers and all employees regarding the importance of the protection of personal information, and fully disseminate the contents within our company. Moreover, we shall appoint management supervisors for the protection of personal information, formulate a compliance program conforming to JIS Q 15001 for appropriate protection of personal information, and make great efforts to conduct, maintain, and continuously improve the program.
3. (Collection of Personal Information)
When we collect personal information from customers, we shall announce the purpose of use and contact information for inquiries, in principle, and after obtaining the customers' approval, we shall collect the information based on appropriate and fair measures.
4. (Management of Personal information)
In order to appropriately and strictly manage customers' personal information, we shall employ the reasonable techniques. Moreover, we shall implement security measures, including unauthorized access prevention in order to prevent loss, destruction, misuse, falsification, or leakage of personal information.
5. (Use of Personal Information)
Except in a case where disclosure of personal information is requested by legal orders, we shall not provide personal information obtained from a customer to a third party other than our subsidiaries, outsourcing contractors, and partners without approval of the customer. However, the data processed so as not to identify the individual based on the provided personal information may be used for preparing statistics. In such case, the data should be unrestricted and freely available.
6. (Correction of Registered Information)
We shall manage accurate and up-to-date personal information of customers as much as we can. If a customer requests confirmation and/or correction of personal information, incorrect information or old information can be corrected or deleted based on the customer's request only if we can verify the identity of the customer in order to prevent falsification of customer's information by a third party.
7. (Continuous Review of In-House System)
Regarding regulations concerning the handling of personal information, the compliance program, and the organizational system that implements them, we shall conduct continuous reviews and improvements so that effective and appropriate management can be continuously performed.
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